Izabella A. Bielinska

Attorney | izabella@bielinskalaw.com

Ph: (312) 678-5122


J.D., DePaul University College of Law

B.A., Washington University


Illinois state courts

United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit

United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois

United States District Court, Central District of Illinois

Practice Areas:

Izabella concentrates on general litigation matters; all aspects of Real Estate Law, including Closings, Condominium Law, and Landlord/Tenant Disputes; Contract drafting and Breach of Contract litigation; Insurance disputes; and Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, and Probate matters.

Izabella A. Bielinska is an Attorney at Bielinska Law LLC. After an externship at the Office of Federal Court Judge Wayne Andersen, she spent the next 10 years litigating catastrophic personal injury, civil rights and contract actions at two national law firms in Chicago. Some of Izabella’s cases include representing defendant premises owners in personal injury, slip and fall, matters; representing defendant in criminal possession matter; representing incarcerated client in personal injury and civil rights violation matter; representing defendant Police Department in Civil Rights, 4th Amendment violation and employment discrimination matter; representing defendant in violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; representing appellant insurance company in appeal from US District Court in underlying declaratory judgment action; among others. While at DePaul, Izabella was an Editor of Executive Articles of the Health Care Law Journal, member of the National Lawyers Guild, contributor to the Landmine Victim Compensation Project, and participant in the Moot Court Preliminary Negotiation Competition.

Born in Poland, Izabella has always had great interest in foreign languages, cultures and travel. She speaks Polish, Spanish and Japanese, has studied at Kansai Gaikokugo University in Osaka, Japan, has worked toward a Masters in Linguistics, and teaches TEFL classes in the Chicagoland area. Izabella has spent time volunteering with the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic, Immigration Justice Center, Chinese Mutual Aid Association, Jane Adams Resource Center, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, uVolunteer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and Habitat for Humanity.

Topher Zheng

Law Clerk and Director of Information Technology Systems | tzheng@bielinskalaw.com

TEL: (312) 678-5122


  1. Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois
    • Senior Plus
    • Post-Secondary High School Transition Program called CITE (Community-Integrated Transition Education)
    • Duration: August 2010 - November 2016
  2. Triton College in River Grove, Illinois
    • Information Technology Certifications
    • Duration: August 2016 - May 2020


  1. A+ Microcomputer Technician
  2. Office Applications Certificate–Prep for Microsoft Certification
  3. Project Achieve Employment Skills Training


  1. Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois
    • Educational Technology Summer Student Technician
      • Duration: June 2011 - August 2015
    • Food Service Student Worker
      • Duration: August 2011 - May 2012
  2. Tyger Forensics LLC in Chicago, Illinois
    • Forensics Analyst Intern
    • Duration: August 1st, 2015 – July 29th, 2016
  3. Rush Oak Park Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois
    • Environmental Services Specialist
    • Volunteer Program partner with Oak Park and River Forest High School's Student Work-Study Program as a part of Post-Secondary High School CITE Transition Program.
    • Duration: August 26, 2015 – November 22nd, 2016
  4. Bielinska Law LLC in Chicago, Illinois
    • Law Clerk and Director of Information Technology Systems
    • Duration: September 13th, 2017 - Present
  5. Opportunity Knocks in River Forest, Illinois
    • Information Technology Support Specialist & Project Manager
    • Duration: March 29, 2019 - Present
  6. Graffiti Enterprises LLC in Chicago, Illinois
    • Project Manager
    • Duration: September 14, 2020 - Present


  1. Assistant with Technical, Technology and Electronics Expert with my 8th grade teachers during 2009-2010 school year
  2. Buddy Director for Best Buddies Chapter at Oak Park and River Forest High School for two years
  3. Best Buddies Friendship Walk Committee
  4. Best Buddies Global Ambassador
  5. Best Buddies Participant Advisory Council

Topher C. Zheng was born in Madison, Wisconsin of the United States back in November 24th, 1994 at night. His family was originally born, raised, grew up, and mostly speak in Fujian, China and Mandarin Chinese. His parents moved to america in 1988 studying masters in medical fields in Madison, Wisconsin. He has an older sister who is currently married to a wonderful husband with two lovely sons who are currently residing in Evanston, Illinois. His entire family are in the medical fields. His father is a Surgical Assistant at Rush University Medical Center. His mother is a part-time Acupuncturist. His sister is an anesthesiologists Northwestern University. His brother-in-law is an Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University.

Topher is extremely passionate on Information Technology. He is currently studying and working in the Information Technology Fields in his career. He was originally taking some courses to get him endorsed, experienced, and some certifications at Triton College until May 2020. He started helping out his teachers since 8th grade. He worked as an Educational Technology Summer Student Technician at his high school during the summers for five years during his high school years as a student and received paid for it. He started to become extremely passionate since he was a kid by playing computer games. The very first thing he did before was watching bunch of PBS KIDS shows and been really extremely passionate enjoyable to him since he was three years old. He was originally a very shy and antisocial person since early childhood. He learned how to social with people later then. He joined Best Buddies Chapter Club since high school to promote diversity inclusion to connect and have friendships to one another. He got promoted to be the Buddy Director for two years during then to develop leadership skills and get a lot of people to be inclusive by treating fairly to make connections have more friendships to one another. He really enjoyed a very fabulous lovely time during his high school years. He and his entire buddies won buddies of the year during his 5th year senior plus high school year while he was finishing up his courses.

After Topher graduated and received his diploma from Oak Park and River Forest High School back in December of 2016, he was referred & recommended to Best Buddies Illinois Chicago Jobs and other programs to get support on employment services and all others after he was paired up with Illinois DRS Counselor since December of 2016. He started joining Best Buddies Illinois Jobs and Ambassadors program in January of 2017. In Early of January 2017, Topher meet with his Employment Consultant Flynn Okner on the very first day to do the vocational assessment. Late of January 2017, Topher and his parents came to do the introductional assessment with his Employment Consultant Flynn Okner. In March 2017, Topher meet with Flynn and Mia to do job searching. While they were do that, they were asking him questions what jobs does he like to work at and what jobs does he not like to work at. Topher answered, the jobs he likes to work at "Corporate Work Environment, Shipping & Receiving/Mailroom, Organizing/Keeping bunch of things neat, Computers, and Information Technology & Electronics Services". Later, Topher answered, the jobs he does not like to work at "Environmental Services, Janitorial Services, and Maintenance Services".

During the 2017 year, it took Topher nine months to search to get a job, until late of August 2017. He received a phone call from Best Buddies Illinois Jobs Program Supervisor Emma Zagar that there was lady who works at a law firm who is looking to hire someone to help her do Administrative Assistant various jobs. She asked Topher if he was interested in that job, and he replied to her "Yes,  I would be absolutely very interested on that job". After he replied to her, she send his resume to have her review. Then later on, Topher received a phone call from Flynn that she would like to have a job interview over the phone. During the phone interview, it took him an hour and half and she was explaining to him about the job and asking bunch of questions "Can you do "What"?". He replied to her "Yes, I can do "What"". After the phone interview was completely finished, she accepted & hired Topher right away. He was really excited and looking forward to his new job later.

Topher started working for Iza as her company Bielinska Law LLC as a Law Clerk on September 13th, 2017. Originally, that day was suppose to be a job orientation day, then it turned out that day was really crazy & had a lot of conflicts. Then it turned out he and her boss Iza just began work right away. Topher jumped in and advocating to help her clean up and organize her entire company, personal, and technologies. Iza was very happy for him how great he is as an employee. She really liked him so much and enjoyed a very lovely time. They got into a very awesome relationship together all times. Iza increase Topher's more hours and additional position to Director of Information Technology Systems besides working as a Law Clerk. He was really more excited how she expanded me. Topher replied "I am so exciting for this! This is going to be a great company ever!".

Topher has job experiences before working for Iza. He worked as an Educational Technology Summer Student Technician at his high school during the summers for five years during his high school years as a student and received paid for it. He got a paid internship from his closest friend's dad who mentor, educate, and trained him on variety of Technology & Electronics Forensics Discovery. He also did information technology clerical work like maintenance, upgrade, repair, and software installations. He was a Forensics Analyst Intern for Tyger Forensics LLC for a half to one year. After all the work he has done including his primary job that was originally supposed to do, he offering him a permanent Forensics Analyst position, he really did not want to take the offer due to lack of pressure & stressful duties. For one and a half year during his Post-Secondary High School Transition Program called CITE (Community-Integrated Transition Education) until he officially graduates in his 22nd birthday, Topher worked at Rush Oak Park Hospital as an Environmental Services Specialist. It was a Volunteer Program partner with Oak Park and River Forest High School's Student Work-Study Program as a part of Post-Secondary High School CITE Transition Program. He preserved health and safety regulations of hospital by doing janitorial work including sweeping, mopping, utilities and stairwells, vacuumed areas including floors, cleaned out and organized storage areas, unboxed cleaning supplies, etc. He absolutely does not like doing this kind of job especially he really did not like and did not enjoyed working at the hospital. Topher's CITE Transition Coordinator tried to get him to work at the IT Department to see if it works out, and unfortunately it did not.

Topher is currently working additional jobs. He is working as an Information Technology Support Specialists & Project Manager at Opportunity Knocks, a Project Manager at Graffiti Enterprises LLC, and Freelance Information Technology Services. Topher has lots of Information Technology experiences he can do including different types of devices and software he can work on.

Topher has many bunch of hobbies besides Information Technology. He is an event planner, gathering people, seeing friends, going to the pool on a hot sunny weather, eating, and etc... Topher is currently a part of the entire Best Buddies Illinois programs participant. He really enjoyed and loved doing entire Best Buddies programs during his entire life. He is currently a part of Global Ambassador since February 2020, Best Buddies Friendship Walk Committee since November 2018, and Best Buddies Illinois Participant Advisory Council since October 2021.

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